Didn’t see that coming. Did you?

We were a little miffed, to say the least, when 2020 showed up and said:

“Hey, you know all those great things you had planned for the fall? Well, about that…”

“That’s fine 2020.” We replied after a few months of pouting and scratching our home bound heads, “We have the innovative spirit that comes with Steampunk attitude. Basically, don’t even try to keep a good thing down. We’ll reinvent and carry on. What do you have to say about that?”

2020 nodded slowly and gave a courteous bow.

“Carry on then.”

And so we did. Just as other innovative steampunk communities have.

2019 was great fun. Our little town’s first taste of real steampunk was a savoury dish. When Mother Nature decided to treat everyone with rain, rain, rain we moved inside and had a blast.

People went away with smiles asking, “Please do it again next year and make it bigger! You bet we’ll come!”

We had a brilliant idea for our second fabulous year for steampunk guests visiting our charming insustrial era town steeped with Victorian trappings. Guess what? We still have the plans tucked safely away for 2021. Fingers crossed we’ll be back into Phase ‘Proceed with Caution’ by then. Ohhh… we’re so excited about those plans. They really are stupendous. BUT

It’s not 2021 yet. We’re still here standing with an odd looking 2020 in the room.

“Well 2020. You are who you are. We’re going to make this work. They didn’t have internet in 1918. We do. And online we don’t have to socially distace. We can play with our bubbles.”

I think our steampunk family out there is going to have fun with this.

Have fun creating your fabulous masks!

Have fun with selling and buying creatively amazing things!

Have fun with fabulous authors.

Have fun in stories, magic, singing, dancing, putting on amazing attire to celebrate.

This is when creative innovation is at its best.

We’ll see you all here online on September 19th at 7pm with smiles holding steady beneath the masks.

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